It’s so incredible that God wants a relationship with us, his kids. He wants to tell us his heart and give us hope. He loves to cast vision for what’s to come to prepare and inspire us.

I heard the Lord say this:

Beloved One, there is much I am revealing in this hour. There are wicked people in leadership that  have been indoctrinated by those before them that they are untouchable. That the inhabitants of earth are only dust under their feet to treat in command as they wish not even regarding that I see and hear every conversation, plan, and evil strategy made. They will soon see who I AM. They’ve been weighed in the balance and have been found wanting. Beloved, very soon you’ll see my verdict. But do not fear. My right hand will hold you and sustain my people firmly. I am indeed restoring the fear of the Lord in this hour. 

But I will pour out judgment to the wicked and at the same time recompense for my people. My Spirit will show himself strong in every believing heart. Scales and blinders are going to fall off many eyes to the truth. People will fall on their faces in repentance and run back to me. (The goodness and kindness of God lead people to repentance.) Many who attend church regularly will be radically saved. Many who have been in the fog of addiction, lies, or have been captive to spiritual evil will cry out to Me, THE LIVING ONE.

I am reconstructing mindsets and patterns of thinking to my Word and my Ways. I am pursuing my people with a new fiery passion they have not known. I’m removing spiritual wickedness in high places and removing their influence over my chosen people. Things are about to get real… Real interesting. As you think about the future, know that I will bring:

  • Restoration of many things
  • Realignment with my purposes
  • A Rebuilding within my church
  • Manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth
  • Confidence in the Lord your God
  • Encounters with my glory
  • Change (but in the midst of change I will give peace and wisdom)

Nothing you’ve gone through will be wasted or lost. In TRUSTING Me,  you will experience life abundantly.

You are living in unprecedented times on the earth. Treasure that I have chosen you and trusted you- my sons and daughters- to lead the way into the promised land. It is a big deal.

The changing of traditions and traditional thinking and normal ways of living will be superseded by my extreme heights of glory, power, presence, healing, and love. You will not mind this trade! 

Trust me beloved children, there is good ahead!