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Wife. Mom. Friend. Beloved of Jesus.

When we speak to God, we connect with Him. He hears us. But when He speaks to us, we are changed.

A Letter To Friends


Let’s be real. We live in days of uncertainty like never before. How can you navigate every day with PEACE in your heart? Do you have HOPE that is louder than the constant negativity of the world and those around you?

Let JESUS be your hope. He is the solution for your heart. But how?

Our Heavenly Father is so relational. He so loved you He gave His own son Jesus to save you and restore you into His family. Jesus said, “My sheep WILL HEAR my voice, I know them, and they follow Me.” (John 10:27) Every christian has heard God’s voice! It was His invitation to you that caused you to give your life to Him. The question is, are you still listening?

I am passionate about helping you grow in hearing God’s voice of truth. This one thing RADICALLY changed my life. I found that He loves to tell you who He is, whisper His love to your heart, and teach you the truth about your identity in Christ. Giving your life to Jesus is only the beginning of the journey of lifelong friendship and intimacy with the King of Kings.

Are you ready to step into a new season of going deeper with Jesus? Come with Me on this journey of experiencing daily intimacy with God and you will see that you were born for this.

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He Chose Me On Purpose

This is a story for adults and kids alike. Sometimes other people's unkind words can hurt your feelings and make you feel sad, unloved, or not good enough. But God has chosen YOU on purpose to love you and call you by name to be his child. No matter what the story of your life looks like, Jesus will put people in your path to love you and show you what a treasure you are. If you listen, you will hear your Father singing over you...

I chose you on purpose to love you forever My treasure, my princess
You’ll always be mine!

Be The First To Know

Living LIFE IN THE SPIRIT can be described as a way of setting our hearts on the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to guide and direct us. It’s turning our thoughts and the affections of our heart toward Jesus. It’s hearing the Father speak to us and realizing the impact of His transforming love in our life.


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