The Voice Of Truth

God is Speaking. Prepare to Hear God’s Voice and Connect with His Heart!

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About The Book

Hearing God’s still small voice is paramount in every Christian’s life.   When God speaks, confusion fades, lies are exposed, and you encounter an unconditional love you have never known before. This is why deciphering HIS voice amidst all the noise and lies is vital in understanding and believing who God says we are in Christ. 




Chapter 3:

It Really is a Relationship, Not Religion

So, because God lives in us, we can experience full communion with him moment by moment through the Holy Spirit and be empowered to live out the Word of God. In each moment of our life, we have a choice about what we choose to THINK ABOUT. Turning our thoughts and affections toward Jesus connects us to Him in communion. The Lord notices every time you think about Him or think toward Him. Hebrews 4:12-13 says the thoughts and intents of our heart are discerned by God and his Word. Being conscious of where our thoughts are going takes practice.

In the classic book, 3 Practicing His Presence, Brother Lawrence describes how we can learn to have a conversational relationship with God right in the midst of our daily lives. The book is a collection of notes, letters, and interviews given by Lawrence, taken from his fifty-one years of practicing full communion with his heavenly Father. The following is an excerpt from Practicing His Presence.


An excerpt from Part One

Let me put it to you this way: before we can love, we must know. We must know someone before we can love him. How shall we keep our “first love” for the Lord? By constantly knowing him better! Then how shall we know the Lord? We must often turn to him, think of him, behold him. Then our hearts will be found with our treasure.

About the author

Ashley Edwards is passionate about being a beloved daughter of the King of Kings.  She is a wife to her best friend of 20 years, Shawn.  They have 4 amazing children, and love to spend family time at the lake.  Ashley graduated from Clemson University with a BA in Elementary Education and taught school for 4 years until she became a full-time mom.  She has taught weekly bible studies for both women and men for almost a decade at various churches and at the Dream Center of Pickens County.  Her passion for praying for the sick, broken, and needy led her to become a Director of Breakthrough Prayer for JC Cares, a non-profit biblical counseling program for a year.  

"Many Christians want to know God’s will for their lives, to hear God’s voice and obey his will. Yet the busyness of our lives and a culture of constant distraction make it hard--almost impossible--to listen in obedience to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I am grateful, then, that Ashley Edwards has given us this clear, accessible guide to hearing God’s voice. It teaches us about the identity of our heavenly Father, our identity as his beloved children, and practices we can engage in to hear his will for our lives. It also includes ninety days of devotionals meant to open our hearts to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. Highly recommended!"

David F. Watson, Ph.D.

Academic Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Professor of New Testament

United Theological Seminary

"Ashley has created a book with the Father that oozes a vulnerability that is only found in a deep and genuine relationship. She shares how the Lord unlocked her heart and her five senses to better hear His still small voice. The truth in this book will bring any reader an increased understanding and revelation on how to grow in hearing the voice of their Heavenly Father." 

Jenimar Pendleton

Founder and President

Watermarked Ministries

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