I heard Jesus say,

Beloved one, Oh how precious are the feet on the mountain of the one who brings the good news. Those who love me will not keep this good news secret, for it is for the whole earth’s inhabitants. People of every tribe and tongue. America is the focus of my transformation because she will be a bright light shining in the darkness. This is why I created her! She will again be known by her motto: 


Freedom will ring once again.  The bravery of my remnant will be astounding as my good news goes forth on every mountain. Every mountain of influence in America will soon see my light shining as my hidden ones emerge. I have trained and equipped them in the secret place and they have learned how to follow me and they will arise and shine. Now. Now is the time.

I am coming to CLEAN HOUSE. I am taking down the evil agenda of the enemy to dismantle my America so that she does not reach the fulfillment of her destiny. She will be great again.

This is why I call you to live a life of faith. Many things are going on in the unseen realm that in the natural you cannot see or understand. But as you listen to me, you will understand. I am calling my ekklesia (Greek for genuine believers) to stand with my purposes and partner with my righteous decrees. I have chosen to partner with man. I’ve created you from the beginning to rule and reign with me. After Jesus restored your life and made you a new creation, you are restored to your purpose: to rule and reign from heavenly places – with the authority of Jesus,  decreeing my word as kings and priests.

The Light of the World

My word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. You are the light of the world. My glory light streams out of every single one of my children. This is why my people must begin to awaken to their identity, because you are better together. As you become UNIFIED in the knowledge of who you are in Christ and understand my unconditional love is fully yours right now, your light will shine brightly and many will desire to know what you carry: the presence of the living GOD.

This earthly experience is only the door to eternity with me. But the enemy is the father of lies and has deceived many. Those who are deceived have not yet understood this love. So my people must arise. Arise and shine! Your light has come and is bursting forth!

My Love is Strong

My love is strong. Stronger than death in the grave. My love for you kept me on the cross. You are the JOY set before me. My bride was chosen before creation because my Father saw in advance who would love us. My bride is pure, spotless, and without blemish. 

Walk with me hand-in-hand and we will overcome the darkness with the mighty love of God! Nothing on earth is like this love,  and it manifests in so many expressions:

Generosity to those who are in need, mercy to those who do not deserve it, sacrifice for those who are hard-hearted, and kindness for strangers and those who are angry. 

The hurting and heartbroken need my love. The addicted and the abandoned need my love. Greater love has no greater sacrifice than someone who would lay his life down for his friends. 

Love is not offended. Love forgives. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Love hopes. Love perseveres. Love never fails.

Take my love to that one. That one in your path today. You can change the world by changing the world for ONE. Blessed is the one on the mountain whose feet carry my good news and unconditional love from heaven.

You are my ambassadors of love. 
You are my ambassadors of mercy. 
You are my ambassadors of hope. 
You carry the HOPE OF GLORY and the never failing love of God… Let it shine! 

Together in unity, the body of Christ (each with their unique anointings) in union with Me (Jesus) as the head, through prayer and obedience, will take down the enemies agenda and replace it with the gospel of the Kingdom and the Father’s love will shine brighter from the USA than it ever has before! These are the greatest days of America