He Chose Me On Purpose

A Healing Story of a Father’s Love

This is a story for adults and kids alike. Sometimes other people’s unkind words can hurt your feelings and make you feel sad, unloved, or not good enough. But God has chosen YOU on purpose to love you and call you by name to be his child. No matter what the story of your life looks like, Jesus will put people in your path to love you and show you what a treasure you are. If you listen, you will hear your Father singing over you…

I chose you on purpose to love you forever My treasure, my princess
You’ll always be mine!

The Voice Of Truth

Hearing God’s Voice and

Encountering a Love that Changes Everything

God is Speaking. Prepare to Hear God’s Voice and Connect with His Heart!

Hearing God’s still small voice is paramount in every Christian’s life. When God speaks, confusion fades, lies are exposed, and you encounter an unconditional love you have never known before. This is why deciphering HIS voice amidst all the noise and lies is vital in understanding and believing who God says we are in Christ.

In this 2-part book, The Voice of Truth: Hearing God’s Voice and Encountering a Love that Changes Everything, author Ashley Edwards provides simple keys to activate every reader in hearing God. In part one, there is an instructional guide that explores how connecting with God’s voice and heart transforms our lives to look more like Jesus.

Part two of this book is a 90-day devotional, inspiring readers to draw nearer to God. Each devotion shares excerpts from Edwards’s personal journals, comprised of meaningful truths for all believers. Each day includes scriptural references that display how the Lord speaks His Word.

This book is an invitation for you to encounter the love of God. The Father is pursuing YOU to speak life and truth into your heart about WHO HE IS and WHO YOU ARE to Him.


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