Ashley Edwards

Passionate about being a beloved daughter of the King of Kings

Meet The Author

Ashley Edwards is passionate about being a beloved daughter of the King of Kings.  She is a wife to her best friend of 20 years, Shawn.  They have 4 amazing children, and love to spend family time at the lake.  Ashley graduated from Clemson University with a BA in Elementary Education and taught school for 4 years until she became a full-time mom.  She has taught weekly bible studies for both women and men for almost a decade at various churches and at the Dream Center of Pickens County.  Her passion for praying for the sick, broken, and needy led her to become a Director of Breakthrough Prayer for JC Cares, a non-profit biblical counseling program for a year.

Her passion for teaching others to hear the Father’s voice, know their identity in Christ, and how to supernaturally demonstrate the love of God, flows into her teaching and writing.   She is the author of The Voice of Truth: Hearing God’s Voice and Encountering a Love that Changes Everything.  Her and her family live in upstate South Carolina.

Foundation & Inspiration

I was a Christian for twenty-eight years before I realized one could hear the voice of God. I had never heard anyone teach about hearing God’s voice until about four years ago. A pastor I was listening to on YouTube was talking about God speaking to him about his life. This started me on a journey to hear God speak to ME. Once I learned how to tune into His voice of truth, listening to Him speak His love over me has radically changed my life.

Time in the mornings in my secret place with our Father in Heaven has always been my favorite time of day, especially since I learned how to hear Him speak to me. On January 8, 2018, I was meeting with my daddy and he began to discuss with me about how I love to teach others in my classes to hear Him speak. He told me he wanted me to write a book, to teach his sons and daughters about this beautiful communion we shared and how his heart desired to connect with each of them. At that moment, I looked at the time and it was 5:55AM. Then He said look at Isaiah 55. When I read it, I was astounded because the whole chapter is about LISTENING to his voice. How his words do not return void! Then he began to tell me details about how to write the book and what to include. I tried to follow his direction as best I could! I had never considered writing a book before, but if there is a subject I am extremely passionate about, it is this one! Jesus has radically transformed my life with his incredibly loving VOICE OF TRUTH. So come on a journey with me, and I will share what I have learned about listening to His heart and what it looks like to walk in love with God and toward others in daily life.

God’s Voice

In This New Era

Friends, we are stepping across the threshold of a new ERA. God is awakening His sons and daughters to the knowledge of who they are. His desire is for us to step into the destiny He’s forespoken in our lives. We will all be a part of the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen! He is wooing every heart to know Him, encounter His presence, and become intimately connected with His heart.

In order to do this, we must all learn how to hear Him in the various ways He speaks. In Chapter 9 of my book The Voice of Truth, I will suggest four easy keys for hearing your Father’s voice, along with ways to know that it is Him. I will also share common roadblocks that prevent us from hearing God and what to do to resolve them.

As you make time to listen and begin to believe WHO HE IS, you will find yourself in awe and wonder of His goodness and love. You will fall in love with Jesus as you hear Him tell you who you are to Him daily, and repentance and surrender will flow from an unlocked heart.

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